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Studies in Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics

Nonlinear Electromagnetic Systems


A.J. Moses (Wolfson Center for Magnetics Technologym University of Wales, Cardiff, UK) and A. Basak
160x240mm pp.980 Yen19000 1996

The book covers classical and practical approaches to electromagnetic field solutions in magnetic devices. The following topics are addressed; Advanced computational techniques; Intelligent computer aided design; Magnetic materials; Inverse problems; Magnetic sensors and transducers; Performance and optimization of devices; Applications to electronic systems; Modeling of non-linear systems and other related topics. This volume presents 200 of the best articles presented at the International Symposium on Non-Linear Electromagnetic Systems (ISEM in Cardiff, Wales).


Eelctromagnetic Devices
Optimisation, Inverse and Biological Studies
Magnetic Materials
Sensors and Non-Destructive Testing
Electronic and Electrical Applications

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