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Penetration, Potential and Practice

W.B. Korte (Empirica GmbH, Bonn, Germany) and N. Wynne
160x240mm pp.318 Yen12500 1996

This work covers representative European surveys on telework penetration, interest in, potential of and obstacles to telework, along with European case studies on telework practice, and an analysis of the conditions for telework development in EC Member States. The report contributes significantly to the analysis of current and future impact, examining state-of-the-art, growth trends and major areas of impact for a range of key decision makers and users.


Chapter 1. European Telework Surveys and Case Studies
Chapter 2. Expectations and Estimates of the Diffusion and Penetration of Telework
Chapter 3. Telework in the 1980s
Chapter 4. The Spread of Telework in the mid-1990s
Chapter 5. Telework Potential: The Current Supply and Demand for Telework
Chapter 6. Telework Practice-Evidence From the Case Studies
Chapter 7. Conditions for Telework Development
Chapter 8. Trends in Telework Development
Chapter 9. Summary and Conclusions
Appendix 1: European Telework Case Studies
Appendix 2a: TELDEL Survey of Decision Makers in Organisations
Appendix 2b: TELDET General Population Survey
Appendix 3: Case Study Interview Guide

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