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International Institute of Administrative Sciences Monographs Vol. 2

Policy Reform for Sustainable Development in the Caribbean

Michele Garrity (P&G Asociates, Pittsburgh, USA) and Louis A. Picard
160x240mm pp.140 Yen6400 1996

The Caribbean countries, and many other Third World countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa, have been under the yoke of structural adjustment measures for more than a decade. The book is a very rich presentation of the concept and the problems of structural adjustment and institutional development in the developing countries. Beside the impressive introduction and the convincing conclusion, the articles on these prerequisites for institutional sustainability present the most important empirical research results. The contents is a clear description of problems, failures and results in institutional reforms.


Structural Adjustment, Capacity Building and Sustainability; Lessons from the Caribbean
Jamaica; Administrative Reform - an Overview
Jamaica; Public Enterprise Reform
Jamaica: Business Associations and the Public Policy Process
Jamaica: A Framework for Managing the Reform Process

Trinidad; Administrative and Political Decentralization
Trinidad; Public Service Reform
Sustainability and Governance Issues in Developing Countries

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