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Network & Optical Communications 1996

Broadband Superhighway NOC '96

160x240mm pp.356 Yen11400 1996

New broadband services, which depend upon state-of-the-art technology, will drive investment in broadband fibre optic networks. The next ten years will see rapid growth in fibre optic systems with development of a fibre superhighway. This special theme will explore the impact of emerging broadband services and technology, on fibre systems design and deployment of the superhighway.


Plenary Session
Advanced Cable TV Systems and Trials
Broadband Strategy and Economics
Broadband Access/Architecture and Strategy
Broadband Access/Collaborative Project Results
OFDM Core Networks I
OFDM Core Networks II
Submarine Systems I
Submarine Systems II
SDH Core Networks
High Speed Links
Poster Session

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