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Network & Optical Communications 1996

ATM, Networks and LANs NOC '96

D.W. Faulkner and A.L. Harmer
160x240mm pp.320 Yen11400 1996

Multi-media networks based on ATM LAN technology can provide integrated transmission of voice, data and visual information direct to the workstation. Such networks are of strategic importance to organisations which depend upon electronic transaction. The smooth operation of these networks is therefore of critical importance. The aim of this special theme is to investigate the state of corporate networks and provide a view of how emerging new technology will improve communications efficiency.


Plenary Session
MAC Protocols
ATM Interconnect and Performance
ATM Network Performance and Management
ATM Switch Performance
ATM Network and Service Implementation I
ATM Network and Service Implementation II
Broadband Applications and Applications Support
ATM Networks
Satellite and Wireless Inhouse Networks
Fibre/Radio Systems
Post Deadline Session
Poster Session

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