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Network & Optical Communications 1996

Technology, Infrastructure, WDM Networks NOC '96

160x240mm pp.330 Yen11400 1996

Although almost unlimited capacity is available on fiber, the technology is only acceptable for transmission if it also meets cost and reliability requirements. Fiber has already proved itself in submarine and core network applications. The aim of this theme is to show how the cost of the technology and its installation can be reduced to a level which is affordable to us as end users so that we can all benefit from new services on a reliable network with capacity for the future.


Plenary Session
Characterization of Fiber, Cable and Components
WDM and Photonic Networks I
WDM and Photonic Networks II
Passive Devices

Optical Switching I
Optical Switching II
Active Devices
Active Devices and Packaging
External Plant-Reliability and Deployment
Customer Premises Cabling and Deployment
Poster Session

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