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Accounting for Economic Development and Social Change

Steven J. Keuning
160x240mm pp.250 Yen7400 1996

The relevance of applied economic and social analysis stands or falls with the strength of the analytical tools, on the one hand, and the appropriateness of the underlying data framework on the other hand. Whereas virtually all economic and sociological research focuses on the analytical tools, this book deals with the design of an appropriate data framework. An important aim of this book is to demonstrate that the basic principles of national accounts can and should be extended to a wider range of statistics, notably social and environmental statistics. For this purpose, a so-called System of Economic and Social Accounting Matrices and Extensions (SESAME) is designed and applied in this book, following its announcement in the 1993 System of National Accounts, the guidelines of the United Nations and other international organizations.


Chapter I. Introduction
Chapter II. The social Accounting Matrix as a National Accounts Framework
Chapter III. Integrated Estimates of Productivity and Terms-of-Trade Changes from a Social Accounting Matrix at Constant Prices
Chapter IV. SESAME for the Evaluation of Economic Development and Social Change
Chapter V. The SESAME as an Integrated Statistical Information Systems

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