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Singular Perturbations in Elasticity Theory

Leonid S. Frank
160x240mm pp.352 Yen10500 1997

Singular perturbations appear in different fields of Pure & Appiled Mathematics, e.g. Fluid Dynamics, Elesticity Theory, Diffraction Theory, and other branches of applied mathematics. As some direct applications of constructive singular perturbations to problems in Elasticity Theory, the following ones are mentioned:
1) Simple derivation of asymtotic formulae for their solutions with smooth and non-smooth data; 2) Asymptotics for their eigenvalues and eigenfunctions; 3) Asymptotic analysis of the bifurcation phenomenon for Coercive Singular Perturbations; 4) Construction of efficient and robust algorithms for numerical treatment of Coercive singular perturbations.


1.Stationary Elasticity Theory, Basic Equations and Boundary Conditions
2.Singular Perturbations in the Theory of Thin Elastic Rods
3.Singlupar Perturbations in the Theory of Bucking Plates

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