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NATO Science Series Series 4: Science and Technology Policy - Vol. 24

Intellectual Property and Global Markets

An East-West Dialogue

Ali Akhunov, George Bugliarello, Eugenio Corti
160x240mm pp.184 Yen13500 1999

This book contains the proceedings of the second workshop held under NATO auspices in Tashkent to develop a clearer understanding of how countries of the Former Soviet Union, like Uzbekistan, and NATO countries, can develop the instruments necessary for interacting to their mutual advantage in the global market.
The first workshop was held in Tashkent in 1996 and was focused on the globalization of science and technology. This second workshop was focused specifically on how the issues involved in intellectual property can faciliate the participation of Former Soviet Union countries (FSUs) in the global market and on how an understanding of the situation concerning intellectual property in the NATO countries can provide useful examples, and encourage investments in the FSUs.


Science and Technology in Uzbekistan/Science and Technology Policy and Intellectual Property : Seeking New Global Linkages/Legal Regulation of Intellectual Property in Ukraine/Patent Strategy and Licensing Models/Factors to Evaluate in the Privatisation of of Centralised Public Systems of Industrial Property for Third Parties/The TAIS programme in Intellectual Property for the CIS Countries/The TACIS Programme in Uzbekistan : Issues of Innovation Projects and Intellectual Property Support/Intellectual Property and Technology Management : New Dimensions from New Management Concepts/International Telecommunications and the Role of Intellectual Property/The Convergence of Technologies of Information and Audio-Visual, Allied with the Protection of the Rights of Intellectual Property and Copyright/Advanced Training in Programs in Technology Management/The New Intellectual Property System of Turkey/Technology Transfer Support in Market Conditions/Technology and Patents to Develop Agriculture : An Appraisal/Project Financing Techniques to Finance Innovative Agro-Food Projects in One Mediterranean Region/By the way of Conclusions : the Market-Oriented Strategies of Any Large System of Innovation Processes/Summary of the Main Points in the Reports Delivered During the NATO Workshop/Key-Points from the final Discussion

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