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Advances in Occupational Ergonomics and Safety II

Proceedings of the XIIIth Annual International Occupational Ergonomics and Safte Conference 1998

S. Kumar
160x240mm pp.847 Yen18800 1998

There are 120 million occupational accidents and injuries and 200,000 fatalities each year according to WHO 95. Control of undesirable outcomes through ergonomics would be preferable, but its application is slowly increasing even today. This book covers 196 papers submitted to Annual International Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Conference.


Conference Addresses/Safety, Hazards, Accidents and Injuries/Industrial Ergonomics/Musculoskeletal Ergonimics/Manual Materials Handling/Strength/Gloves and handtools/Cumulative Trauma Disorders/VDU Work/Aging/Rehabilitation and Medical Ergonomics/Automotive Ergonomics/Millitary Ergonomics/Vision, Hearing and Cognition/Analysis, Product Design and Standards

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