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Assistive Technology Research Series Vol 4

Improving the Quality of Life for the European Citizen

I. Placencia Porrero, E. Ballabio
160x240mm pp.485 Yen17300 1998

The 3rd TIDE (Technology Initiative for the integration of Disabled and Elderly people) conference takes place in Helsinki. The conference is composed of three major themes; 1)Accessibility and Design for All 2)Users and User Empowerment and Involvement 3)Assistive Technology research and technological developments. Contributed papers are covered in this book.


Opening Session Speeches/Keynote Speeches/Access in the Information Societies/Support for Making Accessibility/Access to Web Services/Educating design for All/Good Practice on Design for All/User Studies/User Empowerment/User Training and Learning/Realisation of the Potentials of Older People and People with Disabilities/Older Adults, Products and Services/Augmentative and Alternative Communication Methodologies/Robotics/Access to Information/Acces through Voice/Mobility, Orientation and Navigation/Augmentative and Alternative Communication Aids/Smart Homes Networks/Smart Homes Devices/Smart Homes Implementations/Assessment of Opportunities/Standards and Policy/Production Methods/Economics and Policy

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