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The Publisher in the Changing Markets

Proceedings of IPA Fourth International Copyright Symposium

168x240mm pp.366 Yen7143 1998

IPA Fourth International Copyright Symposium was held in Tokyo from 22 to 24 January 1998. The symposium which inaugurated in 1986 to commemorate the centenary of the Berne Convention took place for the first time outside Europe in Asia. Under the main theme 'The Publisher in the Changing Markets', the symposium aimed to reconfirm the creative role of the publisher as a conduit for culture built upon the knowledge and exprerience of the past, as well as to explore the publishers' new role, and legal protection of the publishers' rights, in our evolving digital and information-based society. Some interesting demonstrations were given in connection with Electronic Copyright Management Systems (ECMS). This book is the proceedings of the Symposium introducing all presentations given during the three-day symposium.


Keynote Speeches/Session 1 Publisher's Rights : The Legal Expression of the Creative Role of the Publisher/Session 2 Electronic Copyright Management Systems/Session 3 Value Innovation on the Network/Session 4 Partners' Perspectives/Session 5 Asian Experiences/Special Session Trading by Electronic Copyright Management Systems/ Session 6 Enforcement of Rights/Session 7 Conclusion, Recommendations or Resolutions

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