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Studies in Health Technology and Informatics : Vol. 54

Handbook of Telemedicine

Olga Ferrer-Roca, Marcelo Sosa-Iudicissa
160x240mm pp.295 Yen12800 1998

On the verge of the 21st Century, we enter an era that has also been described as the society of knowledge. It is imperative that medical practitioners and other health professionals offer their clients the best existing information about a particular disease affecting them. Time, distance or physical obstacles can no longer justify placing a barrier between a patient's ailment and the best existing knowledge on how to manage.
It goes without saying that telemedicine should also play an important role there where emergencies, or geographic of other conditions (isolation, bad weather, catastrophes), call for the use of this new model of medical delivery. Or, underserved populations or regions with a critical shortage of health personnel, as in developing countries.


Chapter 1 : History of Telemedicine/Chapter 2 : Minimal Technical Requirements/Chapter 3: Main Telemedicine Applications/Chapter 4 : Basic Knowledge on Multimedia Data Exchange/Chapter 5: Telemedicine Quality Control and Assurance/Chapter 6: Internet in Telemedicine/Chapter 7: Distant Training, Teleworking and Teleteaching/Chapter 8: Data Security and Privacy/Chapter 9: Liability and Legal Aspects/Chapter 10: Economics and Strategic Planning/Chapter 11: Social Aspects of Technology Transfer/Chapter 12: Emerging Issues/Annex I: Standardisation Bodies/Annex II: Most Common Statistical Evaluations/Annex III: List of New Terms/Annex IV: Colour Theory/Annex V: Networking Schemes/Annex VI: TCP/IP Functioning/Annex Vii: Questionnaire on Telemedicine/Annex VIII: Electronic Transactions. Levels of Protection/Annex IX: Perception Diagram/Annex X: Image Formats/Annex XI: A Bit of Maths and Computers/Annex XII: Broadcast Multimedia Communications/Annex XIII: Letter of Consent

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