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International Institute of Administrative Sciences Monographs Vol. 7

Ethics and Accountability in a Context of Governance and New Public Management

EGPA Yearbook

Annie Hondeghen
160x240mm pp.299 Yen9800 1998

Public administration is more than an amalgam of techniques and methods. This book is a collection of contributions on a great challenge for contemporary administrations and States collected for the 2nd conference of EGPA. The administrative revolution which is taking place now is the profound crisis of values and the loss of direction, certain deviant trends arising from an unbridled neoliberalism. It neccessiates that reflection on questions related to ethics be initiated as a priority and at the highest level.


Keynote speeches/Working Group on Responsibility/Working Group on Transparency, Openness and Service to the Public/Working Group on Integrity/Reports of the EGPA Permanet Study Groups/Selection of Papers of the Permanent Study Groups Related to the Conference Theme

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