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International Institute of Administrative Sciences Monographs Vol. 8

International Institute of Administrative Sciences Monographs

Management of Public Service Reform

A Comparative Review of Experiences in the Management of Programmes of Reform of the Administrative Arm of Central Government

Joan Corkery, Turkia Ould Daddah, Colm O'Nuallain, Tony Land
160x240mm pp.338 Yen10500 1998

Today the reform of public administration to adapt to the pressures and new requirements of an ever changing world has become a global phenomenon. The general spirit of the study publisher in this book remains faithful to this major lessons of the environment of administrative reforms. The common points observed in the reform process in the industrialised and non-industrialised countries are numerous rather than differences. In this sense, all of the States are in transition today. However, the challenge remains two-fold for the developing countries whose governments must simultaneously build and reform.


Part I Introduction/Part II Summarised Findings and Conclusions/Part III Concluding Commentary/Annexes

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