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Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems V

K. Kimbler and L.G. Bouma
160x240mm pp.361 Yen13500 1998

This volume contains the proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software System held in Lund, Sweden from September 29 to October 1, 1998. A feature interaction occurs when different service features influence each other, especially in an unforeseen or undesired way. The term originates from telecommunications, but is not restricted to it. The phenomena of feature interactions can occur in any large and distributed software.
Undesired interactions can be observed quite often when new features are added to an existing system. Telecom market puts more pressure on service providers to rapidly introduce new services. Finding effective and efficient means to manage feature interactions is vital for telecommunications and other software systems.


I. Invited Papers/II. Technical Papers Emerging Architectures, Software Engineering Approaches, Formal Approaches, Pragmatic Approaches III. Contest Description

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