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Biomedical and Health Research Volume 27

Enzymatic Mechanisms

Perry A. Frey, Dexter B. Northrop
160x240mm pp.333 Yen14300 1999

1998 was the 35th anniversary of the publication of professor W. Wallace Cleland's landmark papers on the steady-state kinetics of multisubstrate enzymes in Biochemica Biophysica Acta 67, 104, 173 & 188 (1963).
Enzyme kinetics is a fundamental part of all research on enzymatic mechanisms. 1998 Steenbock Symposium was guided by these considerations in programming the meeting. The program emphasized the global approach to mechanistic analysis, while highlighting the kinetic basis for enzymatic research. 165 registrants attended.


Mo Cleland and the resurgence of Enzymology, John F. Morrison/Use of O-18 Isotope Effects to Study Acyl and Phosphoryl Transfer, W. Wallace Cleland/Life as aeroboes : How Does Nature Control the Activation of Dioxyten? Aiaojuan Su and Judith P. Klinman/Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase. Transition State Structure, Transition State Inhibitors and One-Third-The-Site Reactivity, Robert W. Miles, PeterC. Tyler, Richard H. Furneaux, Carey K. Bagadassarian and Vern L. Schramm/Structural Studies of Myosin, Ivan Rayment, Cary B. Bauer, Andrew M. Gulick, Robert Smith, James B. Thoden and Gary Wesenberg/Detection of Intermediates in the Carbamoyl Phosphate Synthetase Reaction, Frank M. Raushel, Leisha s. Mullins and Grant Gibson/Insights from Heavy-Atom Isotope Effects on Phosphoryl and Thiophosphoryl Transfer Reactions, Alvan C. Hengge/Vibrational Analysis of Enzyme Bound Substrates : The Importance of Electrostatic Interactions, Vernon E. Anderson/The Enzymatic Conversion of UDP-galactropyranose to UDP-galactofuranose, John N. Barlow, Jovita Marcinkeviciene and John S. Blanchard/The fate of S-Carbamoylating Agents In Vitro and In Vivo, Gang Liu, S.N. Nagendra, Morris D. Fairman, Jang-Yen Wu and John V. Schloss/New Enzymes from Old, Ronald E. Viola and S. Kirk Wright/Synthesis and Characterization of a Slow-Binding Inhibitor of Biotin Carboxlylase, David R. Amspachre, Carol A. Blanchard, Robert M. Strongin, Grover L. Waldrop/Kinetic and Structural Investigations of Channeling in the Purine Biosynthetic Pathway, T. Josep, Kappock, Alex Qiao, JoAme Stubbe, Wieru Wang and Steven Ealick/Targeting Leukemia Cells with Cobalamin Bioconjugates, Alice M. Mitchell, Ashraf Bayomi, Ettaya Natarajan, Lous R. Barrows, Frederick G. West, Charles B. Grissom/Bi Bi Ping Pong : Is there Really Such a Mechanism?, Rowena G. Matthews/Catalytic and Spectroscopic Studies of Acyl-AcP Desaturation : The Unique Contriutions of Protein and Lipid to Enzymatic Catalysis, John A. Broadwater, Jeffrey A. Haas, Catalina Achim, Eckard Munck, Jingyuan Ai, Joann Sanders-Loehr, Thomas M. Loehr and Brian G. Fox/Mechanisms of Flavoprotein Oxidases, Paul F. Fitzpatrick, Kevin Kurtz, Giovanni Gadda, John Denu, Mark Rishavy and W.W. Cleland/Kinetic Analysis of Alcohol Dehydrogenase-Catalyzed Aldehyde Oxidation, Norman J. Oppenheimer, Ming-Hua Wang and Ann cac Nguyen/The Putative Low Barrier Hydrogen Bond in Pyridoxal Phosphate Dependent Enzymes, Jack F. Kirsch, Christopher Apicella and Tracy Handel/O-Acetylserine Sulfhydrylase : Mechanism of the a,b-Eliminaiton Reaction, Paul F. Cook, Johan N. Jansonius and Peter Burkhard/The Oxirane Ring-Opening Reaction catalyzed by the Metalloenayme, FosA, Richard N. Armstrong and Brvan A. Bernat/The Template Mechanism of Enzyme Evolution, Hong Xiang, Kimberly Taylor and Debra Dunaway-Mariano/Ribonuclease A: From Model System to Cancer Chmotherapeutic, Ronald T. Raines/So What Exactly Is V/K, Anyway?, Dexter B. Northrop/Transient State Kinetic Approaches to the Resolution of Enzyme Mechanisms, Harvey F. Fisher/Kinetic Studies of Urate Oxidase, Peter A. Tipton/Structural Studies of UDP-Galactose 4-Epimerase from Eschrichia coli, James B. Thoden and Hazel M. Holden/Metal Ion activation of Enolase, Russell R. Poyner and George H. Reed/Structure-Based Sequence Alignment of Mandelate racemase and Muconate Lactonizing Enzyme : Superposition on reality, Miriam S. Hason, Patricia C. babbitt, Dagmar Ringe, Gregory A. Petsko and George L. Kenyon

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