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Studies in Health Technology and Informatics Vol. 63

Barriers to a Global Information Society for Health

Recommendations for International Action

Report from the project G8-ENABLE

Ray Rogers, Joy Reardon
160x240mm pp.216 Yen10500 1999

At a meeting of the Group of Seven (G7) Ministers in Naples, July 1994, it was agreed that action be taken to promote the development of a Global Information Society. In February 1995, 11 Themes were agreed, one of which (Theme 8) was Healthcare. Within the Healthcare Theme 8, a number of sub-projects were launched. In 1997, in a document "The Barriers", the Sub-project identified what it saw as the barriers to the creation of a Global Information Society for Health, and their impact.


Part I: Recommendations for International Action: Main Text/Part II: Annexes on Position in G7 Nations and Australia

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