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International School of Physics Enrico Fermi Vol. 139

Magnetic Resonance and Brain Function: Approaches from Physics

B. Maraviglia
160x240mm pp.577 Yen23,300 1999

In the last decade, NMR has set the basis for the understanding of the function and disfunction of the human brain. Particularly, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has a leading position among the methodologies used for investigation and diagnostic of the Central Nervous System. In the 90's the objective of finding new investigating means drove scientists towards different approaches. Among these, we have: 1) Blood Oxygen Level Dependent (BOLD) MRI. 2) Double Magnetic Resonance (DMR) 3) Hyperpolarized Gases. These 3 methods are aimed at detecting brain metabolites with increasing sensitivity and resolution. They are widely proposed by the lectures of this Varenna courses, that contain the widest and deepest presentation of this field, intended for all people who are working at the development of these interdisciplinary areas, I.e. physicists, chemists, engineers, but also including the biomedical aspects of brain function in connection to the NMR potentialities: the volume represents an original and crucial tool for those who want to investigate the fascinating world of human brain by NMR.


B. MARAVIGLIA- Preface/J. SEELIG - Introduction into magnetic resonance imaging/B.KUNNECKE and J. SEELIG-In vivo 13C-, 15N-, and 19 F-magnetic resonance spectropscpy of the brain/L. EMSLEY, D. D. LAWS and A. PINES - lectureson pulsed NMR (3rd edition)/B. M. GOODSON, L. KAISER and A. PINES - NMR and MRI of laser-polarized noble gases in molecules, materials, and medicine/K. UFURBIL, S. OGAWA, SEONG-GI KIM, XIAOPING HU, WEICHEN and XIAO-HUNG ZHU - Imaging brain activity using nuclear spins/M. HOEHN AND K.-A. HOSSMANN - Functional activation of the brain under normaland pathological conditions/K.-A. HOSSMANN and M. HOEHN - MR and non-MR methods for regional measurements of cerebral blood flow and metabolism/K.-A. HOSSMANN and M. HOEHN - Pathophysiology and MR imaging of global cerebral ischemia/K.-A. HOSSMANN and M. HOEHN - Pathophysiology and MR imaging of brain infarcts/ T. F. BUDINGER and M. D. BUNDINGER - Physiological changes in brain micro-circulation during activation/T. F. BUNDINGER and R. E. LENKINSKI - Na+ and K+ multiple and single quantum MRI potential for studying brain function/S. CAPUANI, L.MANCINI and B. MARAVIGLIA - Comparative analysis of indirect couble resonanaces ofr metabolic spectroscopy and imaging/S. CAPUANI, L. MANCINI and B. MARABIGLIA - Improvement of metabolic spectroscopy and imaging by the BLISS sequence/I. RONEN and G. NAVON - Indirect detection of H2 17 O as a new modality for brain metabolic functional imaging/A. BIFONE - Production of optically polarized xenon for medical applications/A. BIFONE, J. WOLBER and N. JON SHAH - Perfusion and functional MR studies with hyper polarized gases/M. BLOOM, F. LINSEINEN, J. LLOYD-SMITH and M. CRAWFORD - Insights form NMR on the functional role of polyunsaturated lipids in the brain/A. L. MACKAY, I. M. VAVASOUR and K. P. HITTALL - What we can learn about brain form NMR relaxation?

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