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International Institute of Administrative Sciences Monographs Vol. 9

Essays in Economic Globalization, Transnational Policies and Vulnerability

A. Kouzmin and A. Hayne
160x240mm pp.227 Yen9,800 1999

The liberalisation of trade and its questionable benefit; the increasing fluidity in the movement of people and trade across geo-political divides; the emergence of unregulated virtual trade and its implications on domestic economic policy; and the social implications of the new world order are all issues demanding on-going critical examination from a perspective beyond the common lens of neo-liberal economics. Such as examination is pursued in Kouzmin and Hayne edited volume Essays in Economic Globalization, Transnational Policies and Vulnerability, a collection of 13 diverse, challenging and, often, cautionary chapters contributed by an international cohort of scholars.


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Introduction: Globalization: Rhetorical Trends and Unpalatable Realities of Public Sectors, A. KOUZMIN and A. HAYNE/Government Vulnerability and Economic Misconduct: The International Challenge, S. BOOTH and S. RECORD/The Social Costs of moving to gLean Productionh: A Canadian View of NAFTA, P. WARRIAN/Globalizing Economic and Managerial Reforms in Public Sectors ? Towards a universal Theory of Governance ? Strategic Sovereignty, Vulnerability , De-Skilling Relearning, J. JOHNSTON and G. CALLENDER/Globalization of Market ideology and its Impact on Third-World Development, S. HAGUE/Citizenship and Justice: issues in Globalization, D. GRANT/The Sources and Consequenses of the Integration of Global Capital Markets, T. VALENTINE/Public Sector Response to International Labour Migration: The Case of the Overseas Contract Workers of the Philippines, J.N. ENDRIGA/Migration in the New Russia as a problem of Social and Economic Globalization, I. USHKALOV and I. MALAKHA/Structural Transformation of the Global political Economy, M.I.M. AL-RADDADY/Contracting and Globalization: implications for Governance, Policy learning and Strategic Management, S. COPE/Communicating during Crises: From Bullhorn to Mass Media to High Technology to Organizational Networking, J.GARNETT and A. KOUZMIN/A Political Theory of Administrative Innovation, T. GRAN/Structural Adjustment, Privatization and the Public Bureaucracy, A. GUPTA
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