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International School of Physics Enrico Fermi Vol. 140

Bose-Einstein Condensation in Atomic Gases

M. Inguscio , S. Stringari and C. Wieman
160x245mm pp.637 Yen24,000 1999

Altough first proposed by Einstein in 1924, Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) in a gas was not achieved until 1995 when, using a combination of laser cooling and trapping, and magnetic trapping and evaporation, it was first observed in rubidium and then in lithium and sodium, cooled down to extremely low temperatures. This book brought together many leaders in both theory and experiments on Bose-Einstein condensation in gases. Their lectures provided a detailed coverage of the experimental techniques for the creation and study of BEC, as well as the theoretical foundation for understanding the properties of this novel system. Many exciting aspects coming out of research on condensates were presented. The timing for this book was excellent since the field is still small enough to cover fully, but is also clearly about to undergo a major expansion. This volume provides the first systematic review of the field and the many developments that have taken place in the past three years.


M. INGUSCIO, S. STRINGARI and C.E. WIEMAN - Preface/A. GRIFFIN - A brief history of our understanding of BEC: From Bose to Beliaev/E.A. CORNELL, J.R. ENSHER and C.E. WIEMAN - Experiments in dilute atomic Bose-Einstein condensation/W. KETTERLE, D.S. DURFEE and D.M. STAMPER-KURN - Making, probing and understanding Bose-Einstein condensates/D. KLELPPNER, T.J. GREYTAK, T.C. KILLIAN, D.G. FRIED, L. WILLMANN, D. LANDHUTS and S.C. MOSS - Bose-Einstein condensation of atomic hydrogen/A.L. FETTER - Theory of a dilute low-temperature trapped Bose condensate/K. BURNETT - Ultracold interactions and mean-field theory of Bose-Einstein/L.P. Pitaevskii - Trapped Bose-Einstein condensed gas: mean-field approximation and beyond/J. DALIBARD- Collisional dynamics of ultra-cold atomic gases/D.J. HEINZEN - Ultracold atomic interactions/K. HELMERSON and W.D. PHILLIPS - Cooling, trapping and manipulation of neutral atoms and BEC by electromagnetic fields/B.P. ANDERSON and M.A. KASEVICH - Atomic tunnel arrays/F. SOLS - Josephson effect between Bose condensates/D. SCHNEBLE, H. GAUCK, M. HARTL, T. PFAU, and J. MLYNEK - Optical atom traps at surfaces/T. ESSLINGER, I. BLOCH and T.W. HANSCH - The QUIC-trap: a simple magnetic trap for Bose-Einstein condensation/A. ASPECT, B. DESRUELLE, V. BOYER, S.G. MURDOCH, G. DELANNOY, P. BOUYER, G. BIRKL and M. LELCRIVAIN - Evaporative cooling and BEC in a high magnetic field/G.M. TINO, F.S. CATALIOTTI, E. A. CORNELL, C. FORT, M. INGUSCIO and M. PREVEDELLI - Towards quatum degeneracy of bosomic and fermionic potassium atoms/H.T.C. STOOF and M. HOUGIERS - Condensed matter physics with trapped atomic Fermi gases/F. DALFOVO - Dynamics of trapped Bose-condensed gases in mean-field theory/E. ARIMONDO, E. CERBONESCHI and H. WU - Monte Carlo simulations for evaporative cooling in Bose-Einstein condensation/A. GRIFFIN - Theory of excitations of the condensate and non-condensate at finite temperatures/Elenco dei partecipanti

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