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NATO Science Series: Science & Technology Policy Vol. 30

Strategies of the International Scientific Cooperation in South-East Europe

N. K. Pak, K. Simeonova and E. Turkcan
160x245mm pp.207 Yen13,500 2000

On October 28-31, 1998 a group of 26 science policy experts from 15 countries , mainly in South-East Europe and North America, met in Sofia, Bulgaria, to share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences in a NATO Advance research Workshop on gStrategies of the International Scientific Cooperation in South-East Europeh. The meeting was organized by the Center for Science Studies and History of Science at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey. The papers presented in this volume cover the following topics of the workshop discussion; General framework; National strategies of cooperation; Impact on the economic development; Regional and global strategies; networks. Together, these constitute a valuable indication of the fruitfulness of the interdisciplinary and crossinstitutional approach to the issue.


Preface/I. General Framework/II. National Strategies of Cooperation; Impact on the Economic Development in Transition/III. Regional and Global Strategies; Networks/Summary of the Main Points in the Reports Delivered During the Workshop/Key Points from the Final Discussion/List of Participants/Author Index

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