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On the Way to the Information Society

S. Rao , A.Mullery , P.Rodier, T. Magedanz
160x240mm pp.700 Yen18800 2000

In the 4th Framework of European research program, telecommunications sector (ACTS) has played an important role. Within the framework under ACTS (Advanced Communication Technologies and Services), Domain 5 is dedicated to 'Intelligence in Services and Networks (IS&N)' area and has projects that deal with service architecture, service platforms, service creation, communications management, electronic brokerage, mobility, security, agent technology and applications. Many of the projects cover more than one of these aspects. The book addresses the issues in particular order and provides the results of IS&N projects addressing those issues in a synthesised manner, so that readers can get insight into the European projects contribution towards the telecommunications software industry. Thus it provides the readers with a comprehensive overview of IS&N issues. So, the target readers of this book are readers at large, involved in the future strategies in the network deployment, developers and researchers.


Preface/ Architectures and Platforms‡T: CORBA Based Middleware for Telecommunications/ Architectures and Platforms‡U: Towards Agent-Based Middleware/ Issues in Securing IS&N/ Towards Integration of Fixed and Mobile Communications/ Communications Management: From TMN to CORBA/ Application of Agent Technology to Telecommunication Management Services/ Brokerage and E-Commerce/ End Systems and Applications/ Epilogue/ Glossary of Terms/ Author Index

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