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International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi"

Plasma in the Universe
Plasma in the Universe

B. Coppi, A. Ferrari and E. Sindoni
160x240mm pp.500 Yen22,500 2000

This book illustrates new developments in the fields of space and solar
physics, stellar physics, extragalactic physics and cosmology. It also
elaborates upon the progress of laboratory plasma physics. One of the topics
discussed is the existence of collective processes , both linear and
non-linear, that can explain key elements of accretion physics, magnetic
reconnection, the formation of 'strange' particle distributions, particle
scattering phenomena, etc.
Astrophysical plasma are dominated by turbulent or quasi-turbulent processes
which interactively associate instabilities, radiation processes and
plasma-wave scattering. The resulting scenario, which is outside
thermodynamics and conventional statistical physics, is too difficult to
describe theoretically, but today there are large-scale experiments and
powerful computational tools allowing for the exploration of an almost
similarly complex variety of phenomena. Several contributions to this book
present indications of the influence of nonlinear phenomena in astrophysical
applications. This will be one of the mainlines in the future of plasma
This work marks the fast growth of plasma astrophysics thanks to wondrous
new observations in the high energy band of the spectrum on the one hand and
the possibility of validating and bringing to light relevant new theories by
increasingly sophisticated machines on the other.


Foreword/ Astrophysical plasmas/ Intrinsically intermittent accretion, anomalous transport of angular momentum and laboratory experiments/ Scattering and acceleration of particles in astrophysics/ Acceleration at shock fronts. Lecture2/ Acceleration of the highest energy particles. Lecture 3./ Resistive processes/ Dynamics of perturbations in astrophysical shear flows/ The origin of galactic magnetic fields/ Astrophysically relevant collective emission processes in the laboratory/ Nonlinear dynamics in the solar corona/ The Sun, solar wind, and magnetic field. I/ The heliosphere and beyond. II/ The coronal plasma/ Plasma microstructure in the solar wind/ Solar/interplanetary plasma phenomena causing geomagnetic activity at Earth/ Collisionless astrophysical reconnection/ The origins of stellar magnetic fields/ Gamma-ray bursts/ X-ray bursts/ Gravitational plasmas/ Radiation and reconnection in active galactic nuclei/ Active galactiv nuclei. Accretion disks and jets. I/ Active galactiv nuclei. Accretion disks and jets II/ The ROSAT sky/ X-ray timing measurements with the Rossi X-ray timing explorer/

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