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EC 2000

A.L. Harmer
160x240mm pp.302 Yen15800 2000

EC 2000 describes recent development in communication cables and optical fibre technology. Important topics covered are fibre designs and components for DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing), cables in the access network, optical fibre standardization, measurements of fibres and cables in particular PMD (Pulse Mode Dispersion), smoke and fire performance of new materials, planning cabling infrastructure for large complexes, fibre cables and duct installation, and applying cable technology in difficult environments such as in the offshore and oil industries.


Plenary Session NOC 2000/ Plenary Session EC 2000/ Outside Plant/ Optical Fibres: Development and Standardisation/ Fibre Cables and Components for WDM/ Access Network Cables/ Planning Cabling Infrastructure/ Materials and Fire Performance/ Installation Techniques In Ducts/ Fibre coating Materials/ Fibre Coating Materials/ Fibre Measurements and Field Testing/ Optical Fibre Cables for Specialised Applications/ Fibre Measurements and Field Testing/ Connectors and Passive Components

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