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WDM and Photonic Networks

NOC 2000, Volume 1

D. W. Faulkner, A.L. Harmer
160x240mm pp.240 Yen15800 2000

Volume 1 "WDM and Photonic Networks" will focus on recent developments in long-haul WDM and photonic networks and will include invited papers from key vendors and technologists. A paper on DWDM by Lucent will show how Raman amplification enables the quadrupling of the line rate from OC-192 to OC-768 in a recent 1.6 Tb/s experiment.


DWDM and Er System Design‡T/ DWDM and Er System Design‡U/ DWDM and Er System Design‡V/ Optical Routing and Survivability ‡T/ Optical Routing and Survivability ‡U/ Network Architecture/ WDM Rings and Protection/ PDM and WDM System Measurements/ Optical Technology ‡T/ WDM Technology and Systems/ Optical Technology ‡U / DWDM and Er System Design‡U

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