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International Institute of Administrative Sciences Monographs Vol. 13


R. Gregory and P. Giddings
160x240mm pp.502 Yen14,300 2000

This international comparative study of the Ombudsman institution began life in March 1994 when Philip Giddings and Roy Gregory formed the idea of producing a successor to Gerald Caiden's International Handbook of the Ombudsman [1983]. In the decade and a half since Caiden's volume was produced, there has been a considerable expansion of the number and variety of Ombudsman institutions. With the generous assistance of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences [IIAS] we were able to assemble a team of experts, containing academics and practitioners, public lawyers, political scientists and administrators, drawn from a wide range of states and reflecting many different systems, cultures and experiences. Most members of the team were able to meet at three IIAS-sponsored consultations held in Brussels in 1996, 1997 and 1998 at which we debated and refined our strategy and methodology and reflected upon our findings. From these meetings an agreed framework was drawn up for the reports to be included in this volume and those reports, together with thematic chapters on issues such as human rights and the new public management, form the heart of this book.


Foreword/ The International Institute of Administrative Sciences/ Notes on the Contributors / The Ombudsman Institution: Growth and Development/ The United Kingdom Parliamentary Ombudsman Scheme/ State of Alaska Office Of the Ombudsman/
Argentina: The Defensor del Pueblo de la Nacion/ Ombudsman in Asia: A Case-study of Hongkong and Sri Lanka/Ombudsman in australia/The Ombudsman In Belgium/ The Ombudsman in Canada/ the Ombudasman in Denmark and Norway/ The European Union Ombudsman/ The Ombudsman in France/ Complaint-Handling Systems in Germany/ The Ombudsman in Ghana/ The Ombudsman and Old Socio-Administrative Conditions in Greece/ Parliamentary Commissioners for Civil Rights in the Republic of Hungary/ The Ombudsman Scene in India/ The Defensor del Pueblo in Latin America/ the National Ombudsman of the Netherlands/ the Northern Ireland Parliamentary Ombudsman/ South African Public Protector (Ombudsman) Institition/ The Swedish and Finnish Parliamentary Ombudsman/ Spain's Parliamentary Ombudsman Scheme/ The United Kingdom Health Service Commissioner Schemes/ Ombudsman Offices in the United States/ Ombudsman in the Countries of the Former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia/ Evaluating Ombudsman Systems/ The Classical Ombudsman Model/ Designing an Ombudsman System/ The Ombudsman and the New Public Management/ The Ombudsman and Human Rights/ The Future of the Ombudsman

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