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Wave Summit Course

Very Long Baseline Interferometer

Fujinobu Takahashi, Tetsuro Kondo, Yukio Takahashi, Yasuhiro Koyama
155x230mm pp.243 Yen12000 2000

This advanced textbook focuses on VLBI technology. VLBI uses interferometers as a technique for studying space from a space geodesy standpoint. It covers the developmental history right up to data analysis, processing technologies, and potential application areas.


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Basic Concepts: A Quick Tour of VLBI
Chapter 3: Data Processing Techniques
Chapter 4: Data Analysis
Chapter 5: Geodetic VLBI Experiments
Chapter 6: Applications of VLBI Techniques
Chapter 7: In Conclusion

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1.1 The Birth of Radio Astronomy
1.2 The Concepts of Radio Interferometry
1.3 The Evolution of the Atomic Clock
1.4 Developments in Large-Scale Antenna Technology
1.5 Advances in Signal Processing Technology
1.6 The Advent of Geodetic VLBI
1.7 Chapter Outlines

2.1 The Basic Principles of Radio Interferometry
2.2 Galactic Radio Sources and Coordinate Systems
2.3 Observational Coordinate Systems
2.4 Propagation Delays
2.5 Basic Principles of VLBI
2.6 VLBI System Components: A Historical Sketch
2.7 VLBI Observation
2.8 Data Processing Flow in Geodetic VLBI
2.9 Collaboration in VLBI Experiments

3.1 The Fourier Transform and Applications
3.2 A VLBI Equivalent Signal Model
3.3 One-Bit Sampling
3.4 Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Delay
3.5 Cross-Correlation Function in VLBI
3.6 Correlator Processing
3.7 Precise Determination of Delay and Delay Rates
3.8 Verification of VLBI Measurement Precision
3.9 Real-Time VLBI

4.1 Overview of Data Analysis
4.2 VLBI Reference Frames
4.3 The Physical Models
4.4 Estimating Parameters
4.5 Analytical Methods
4.6 VLBI Errors
4.7 Improving Analysis Procedures

5.1 The Japanese Geodetic Coordinate System
5.2 Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes
5.3 Measuring Plate Motions
5.4 Crustal Deformations near Plate Boundaries
5.5 The Himalayan Collision Zone and the Japan-China Converging Zone
5.6 Plate Motion near Japan
5.7 VLBI Experiments in Japan
5.8 VLBI Experiments in Antarctica
5.9 Earth Rotation
5.10 Other Experiments

6.1 Radio Astronomy
6.2 Precise measurements of Earth Rotation
6.3 Regional Deformation Monitoring System for the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
6.4 Deep-Space Measurements
6.5 Applications in Ionospheric Measurements

7.1 The Transition from Centimeter Accuracies to Millimeter Accuracies
7.2 Beyond the Earth

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