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Wave Summit Course

Global Environment Remote Sensing

K. Okamoto
155x230mm pp.350 Yen9,400 2001

Today we face various global environmental issues. Examples include the rise in atmosperic temperature due to the increase of atmosperic carbon dioxide, the depletion of the ozone layer and El Nino related climatic anomaties. Remote sensing technologies that use electromagnetic waves are quite useful in measuring physical parameters which describe global environments. This book covers de theory of electromagnetic remote sensing and the basic technologies used.


Chapter 1: Overview of Remote Sensing
Chapter 2: Basics of Remote Sensing
Chapter 3: Remote Sensors
Chapter 4: Remote Sensing in the Troposphere and the Stratosphere
Chapter 5: Remote Sensing of the Mesosphere and Thermosphere
Chapter 6: Remote Sensing of the Ground and Sea Surface
Chapter 7: Remote Sensing in the Cryosphere
Answers to Exercises

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