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Wave Summit Course

Science of Space Environment

T. Ondoh and K. Marubashi
155x230mm pp.302 Yen12,800 2001

This book describes the basic physical images of the space environment extending from the sun to the earth asa well as series of phenomena caused by its solar activities. Special emphasis is placed on how fluctuations in the space environment affect space itself and our social systems here on earth. Contents An overview of the Space Environment/The Sun and Solar Winds/The Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation/The Magnetosphere and Particle Activity/The Space Radiation Environment and Utilizing Cosmic Information/The Geospace Radio Environment


Foreword/Preface/Chapter 1: Overview of the Science of the Space Environment/Chapter 2: The Sun and the Solar Wind/Chapter 3: The Ionosphere/Chapter 4: Ionospheric Radio Propagations/Chapter 5: The Magnetosphere/Chapter 6: The Magnetospheric Particle Environment/Chapter 7: The Space Radiation Environment and the Space Weather Information/Chapter 8: The Geospace Radio Environment/Answers to Exercises/Authors/Index/Interludes

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