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Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications-Vol. 54

ECAI 2000

14th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence August 20-25, 2000, Berlin, Germany

W. Horn
220x280mm pp.794 Yen22,500 2000

This book covers the whole spectrum of Artificial Intelligence, including Knowledge Representation, Automated Reasoning, Contraint-Based Reasoning, Machine Learning, Autonomous Agents, Human Language Technology, Planning, Vision and Robotics, and AI aspects of uncertainty and of creativity. The book further includes contributions on innovative application. All contributions are peer reviewed by an international Programme Committee. The selective reviewing procedure guarantuees the high quality of the material presented. ECAI-2000 is organized by the European Coordination Committee on Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI) and hosted by the Humboldt University Berlin on behalf of the Gesellschaft fur Informatik/KI.


ECCAI Member Societies/Programme Committee/Reviewers/Programme Chairpersons's Foreword/Prestigious Applications of Intelligent Systems (PAIS, Foreword and Programme Committee)/Index of Papers/Belief Revision/Case-based Reasoning/Constraint Reasoning/Knowledge Representation, Automated Reasoning/Machine Learning/Multi-Agent Systems/Natural Language Proceeding/Nonmonotonic Reasoning/Planning/Reasoning about Actions and Change/Search/User Interfaces, User Models, AI and Music Vision and Robotics/Prestigious Applications of Intelligent Systems/Invited Speakers/Author Index

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