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Long - Haul and Acces Networks, Optical Metro and WDM

NOC 2001

A. Lord , D.W. Faulkner and D.W. Smith
140x210mm pp.490 Yen14,500 2001

This single volume contains the proceedings of NOC 2001 at Adastral Park, UK, June 26-29th 2001. There are about 70 papers. Highlights include the latest Gigabit Ethernet PON developments and recent work on standard broadband PONs such as dynamic bandwidth assignment. There are 10 papers on optical packet switching and innovative work is reported on optical cross-connects and DWDM for long-haul systems.


Plenary Session
* Photonic Layer
* Broadband Access Techniques
* Hong-Haul Network: WDM
* Broadband Access Networks: PON and WDM
* Long-Haul Networks: High Bit Rate Techniques
* Broadband Access Networks: PON and DBA
* Photonic Layer: OXCs: Other Appkications
* Broadband Access Networks: ATM-PON
* Photonic Layer: Optical Packet Switching I
* Broadband Access Networks: FDM Access Techniques
* Posters
* Photonic Layer: Optical Packet Switching II
* Boradband Access Networks: Gigabit Ethernet & PON
* Operational and Service Layers: IP Network Management
* Optical Metro: Optical Metro and WDM
* Infrastructure and Fibre: Infrastructure and Planning
* Optical Metro: CDMA and WDM
* Component Technology
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