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E-work and E-commerce (Set of Vol.1 & Vol.2)

Novel solutions and practices for a global networked economy

B. Stanford-Smith and E. Chiozza
140x210mm pp.1400 Yen22,800 2001

In compiling this book the editors invited researchers, operating in the frontiers of new Internet technologies for the Information Society, to describe their work and explain its significance. They selected over 170 contributions providing a cross section of objectives and experiences and categorised the papers into nineteen sections. There are two volumes; the first dealing with human factors affecting people and organisations: management, work, learning, legal issues and trust. The second volume looks at the business factors of the supply chain, the emerging technologies such as mobility and knowledge management and the increasing number of industrial applications. The ideas, aims, progress and experience in this book should provide the inspiration to take on the new technologies in order to improve business or to initiate onefs own research. Business managers should benefit from learning about the coming technologies and the attitudes of those that are uncovering them. It is vitally important to discover what the Internet revolution means for business but it could be profitable also, to uncover any opportunities for offering services and products in this area. In addition, the first volume opens with strategic wisdom and examples from leading companies and organisations that are involved in the new technologies: Cisco, Canon, Telecom Italia, IBM, Buyonet, George Mason University (USA) and the European Commission. This book was encouraged and supported by the European Commission. Contents Volume one: Human considerations: Strategy and Policy, Organisational issues, Learning and Linguistic Support, Work and Mobility, Work and Sustainable Development, Intelligent services and products, Advanced Research in e-market places, Law, Security, Trust, and Confidence Volume two: Business issues: Mobile Applications for Business and Work, Intelligent Supply Chain, Corporate Knowledge Management, Intelligent Networked Organisations, E-Business for Manufacturing, E-Business for the Construction Industry, Further Industrial Applications, Media and Entertainment Applications, Government and Regional Developments, Technologies and Infrastructures, Platforms and Standards


Advisory Editorial Committee

Volume 1. Peole Factors: Management, Work, Users, Customers, Trust and
Section 1.1: Strategy and Policy
Section 1.2: Organisational Issues
Section 1.3: Learning and Linguistic Support
Section 1.4: Work and Mobility
Section 1.5: Work and Sustainable Development
Section 1.6: Intelligent Services and Products
Section 1.7: Advanced Research in e-Market Places
Section 1.8: Law, Security, Trust and Confidence

Volume 2. Business Aspects and Considerations
Section 2.1: Mobile Applications for Business and Work
Section 2.2: Intelligent Supply Chain
Section 2.3: Corporate Knowledge Management
Section 2.4: Intelligent Networked Organisations
Section 2.5: e-Business for Manufacturing
Section 2.6: e-Business for the Construction Industry
Section 2.7: Further Industrial Applications
Section 2.8: Media and Entertainment Applications
Section 2.9: Government and Regional Developments
Section 2.10: Technologies and Infrastructures
Section 2.11: Platforms and Standards

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