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NATO Science Series: Life Sciences Vol.337

Aerial Archaeology

Developing Future Practice

R.H. Bewley and W. Raczkowski
160x240mm pp.376 Yen11,400 2002

Since the lifting of the Iron Curtain in 1990 there has been an expansion of aerial survey for archaeology throughout Europe. The opportunity to record new archaeological sites from the air has transformed our understanding of the past human settlement of Europe. This book will provide a summary of the work that has taken place in Britain and Europe over the past 100 years, but especially the past twenty years. It will also present the policies and strategies for future work in terms of unlocking existing archives of information and developing new techniques. The audience for the book is mainly aimed at the professional level (archaeologists, historians and geographers) but also the educated member of the public as well as the policy makers and opinion formers in Europe.



Section 1: Have Lessons Been Learnt?
Section 2: Achievements of Twentieth Century: Towards Understanding Archaeological Landscapes
2.1: Landscapes Ripe for Aerial Survey
2.2: Opening up New Landscapes
Section 3: Technological Applications: Looking to the Future
Section 4: Past for the Future: Heritage Management
Section 5: Technology vs Philosophy? : Some Thoughts

List of Contributors
Author Index
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* Aerial Survey: Learning from a Hundred Years of Experience/
* Goodbye Cold War! Goodbye Bureaucracy? Opening the Skies to Aerial Archaeology in Europe
* A Neglected Asset. German Aerial Photography of the Second World War Period.
* Aerial Archaeology in the Middle East: The Role of the Military - Past, Present and c Future?
* Hidden Potential: The Possibilities of Plough-Levelled Landscapes
* The Landscape of Scotland: Aerial Survey, Archaeology and GIS
* Aerial Archaeology in Bohemia at the Turn of the Twenty First Century
* Flemisch Aerial Archaeology in the Last 20 Years: Past and Future Perspectives
* Aerial Photography of Deux-Sevres, poitou-Charentes, France: Results and Interaction between Detected Settlements and Geology
* Some New Results from the Very Dry Summer of 2000
* Aerial Archaeology in Extreme Environmental Conditions: Slovenia
* Recent Aerial Survey in Western Transylvania: Problems and Potential
* A Post Medieval Dockyard in Ventspils (Latvia): From the Air, in the Ground and Underwater
* Application of GIS and Aerial Photographyin the South of Russia: A Case Study of the Kislovodsk Basin
* Surfae Processes: Obstacles in Aerial Archaeology, Examples from Turkey
* Aerial Photography and Early Modern Woodland Management in the Pindos Mountains, NW Greece
* Prospects for Aerial Survey in Armenia
* Integrated Archaeological Interpretation of Combined Prospection Data
* Making Things Look Vertical
* High-Resolution Digital Airborne and Archaeology
* Airborne High-Resolution Digital, Visible, Infra-Red and Thermal Sensing for Archaeology
* GIS, Aerial Photographs and Microtopography in Archaeology: Methods and Applications
* Satellite Imagery for Archaeological Applications: A Case Study from the Orontes Valley, Syria
* The Use of Satellite Imagery for the Transcription of Oblique Aerial Photographs
* Geophysical Verification of Aerial Discoveries of Archaeological Sites: Examples from Poland
* Mapping and Visualization in the Institute of Archaeology, Nitra, Slovakia
* Approaches to Aerial Survey and Heritage Management in Wales
* Understanding Salisbury Plain, England: Analysis of the Aerial Evidence
* The Use of Aerial Photographs for the Survey of Archaeological Earthworks
* The Role of Aerial Photographs in National Strategic Programmes: Assessing Recent Military Sites in England
* Archaeological Heritage Management in the Information Age: GIS Applications and Air Photography Processing in Wielkopolska (Greater Poland)
* Aerial Reconnaissance in the North of England
* Air Photo Interpretation and Mapping to Guide Fieldwork in Commercial Archaeology in England
* Beyond the Technology: Do We Need 'Meta-Aerial Archaeology'?

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