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The Japanese Economic and Social System

From a Rocky Past to an Uncertain Future

C. Lonien
160x240mm pp.172 Yen11900 2003

The Japanese economy is currently at a crossroads and the embarrassing situation the country faces today is even worse than the Meiji restoration of 1868, the defeat after World War II in 1945 and the yen appreciation after the Plaza Agreements of 1985. Indeed, the traditional Japanese model is doomed to failure, mainly due to economic and industrial structures that are inappropriate towards increasing globalization, liberalization and deregulation. However, Japanese-style industrial capitalism is in this work compared to the economic and social models of other developed countries and this enables us to point out the path the Japanese economy may take in the 21st century in order to survive.


Preface/ Acknowledgements/ Introduction/ Long waves of the Japanese economy and regulation mode of the economic and social system/ Gaps emerging during the transition from the Old Japanese Regime to the New Japanese Regime/ Construction of the Keiretsu model on the bases of the Old and New Regimes/ The economic and sociological reasons for the structural and tendentious crisis/ What is the most likely future trend of the pillars of Japanese management?/ What are the underlying features of the management models of other developed coutries and what model would best fit Japan in the future?/ Conclusion/ References

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