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Frontiers of Materials Science

T. Akiyama, M. Iguchi, K. Kurokawa, K. Matsuura, T. Mohri, S. Ohnuki, T. Ohtsuka, R.O. Suzuki, H. Takahashi and S. Ukai
155x230mm pp.286 Yen6000 2007

The book covers a wide area ranging from the basic principles familiar in materials science and engineering to practical applications and is expected to serve as a first course text for graduate students, researchers, and engineers engaged in this field. Some chapters are added on the novel materials processing operations and recent topics attracting deep interest of researchers and engineers in the iron and steel industry. Chapter 1 provides information on the stability and time evolution of microstructure in metals and the related principles in statistical thermodynamics. Chapter 2 presents the structure and properties of anodic films on aluminum and micro- and nano-technologies based on anodizing. Chapter 3 is devoted to explain the hydrogen behavior in BCC metals. Chapter 4 describes some features of high-temperature oxidation and corrosion of metals and alloys used in, for example, engines and turbines working at very high temperatures. Chapter 5 is concerned with advanced high-temperature energy materials such as heat resistant ferritic steel and ODS ferritic steel. In Chapter 6, we introduce the basic principles in corrosion engineering. We describe the development of microstructure and its design in Chapter 7 focusing on the solidification of molten metal, peritectic reaction under supercooling condition and grain growth. Chapter 8 treats transport phenomena occurring in the conventional steelmaking reactors such as the converter and ladle. In Chapter 9, we describe environment-friendly titanium with special emphasis on its characteristics, resources, industrial production process currently used, and new production processes. Chapter 10 discusses how to recuperate material and energy for an ecological network.


Chapter 1. From Hamiltonian to Microstructure
Chapter 2. Structure and Properties of Anodic Oxide Films on Aluminium and Their Micro- and Nano-Technology Application
Chapter 3. Hydrogen Behavior in BCC Metals
Chapter 4. High-temperature Oxidation and Corrosion of Metals and Alloys
Chapter 5. Advanced High-Tempearture Energy Materials
Chapter 6. Introduction to Corrosion Engineering
Chapter 7. Mecrostructure Development and Its Designing
Chapter 8. Transport Phenomena in Steelmaking Process
Chapter 9. Titanium and Energy
Chapter 10. How to Recuperate Material and Energy for an Ecological Network

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