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Advanced Information Technology

Broadband Internet Deployment in Japan

Hiroshi Esaki, Hideki Sunahara and Jun Murai
160x240mm pp.220 Yen9500 2008

Japan is well-known as the country where the penetration ratio of the intelligent cellular phone system is large. In 2007, it was reported that in the cellular phone system in Japan, the total volume of data traffic became larger than that of voice traffic and, in 2011, the telecommunication infrastrucure is going to be converged with broadcasting infrastructure. 2011 is called as the first year of the full digital age. Towards 2011, the following technical challenges may arise: 1. Development and deployment of end to end architecture on the existing complex IPv4 Internet, 2. Development of Japanese infrastructure that is globally competitive and globally interoperabe, 3. Development of new applications and new business models in the ubiquitous networking environment, 4. Development of Internet systems as a social infrastructure, 5. Integration with the real-space (i.e., integration of physical space and cyber space), 6. NGN (Next Generation Network) and FMC(Fixed Mobile Convergence), 7. Development and deployment of the unwired Internet environment. In order to progress the actions listed above, strong collaboration should be established among industry and academia. This volume looks into the challenges and opportunities.


1. Brief history of Internet deployment in Japan/ 2. Mobile Internet deployment in Japan/ 3. Wired access system/ 4. Backbone system/ 5. Broadband Internet applications/ 6. Characteristics of residential broadband traffic in commercial ISP backbone in Japan/ Summary and future challenges

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