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Since its foundation in 1914 when OHM, a magazine specializing in electricity, was first published, Ohmsha, Ltd. has been engaged primarily in publishing science and engineering-related magazines, specialized books, practical handbooks, and textbooks. The company is celebrating its centennial anniversary in 2014 and wishes to express its sincere gratitude for the patronage and support provided by our readers and all those who have helped us. Today, Ohmsha is developing its business by contributing to society through publishing, as well as further expanding its conventional sphere of business comprising general books, practical guide books, and qualification test reference books for the benefit of readers.

Science and engineering have made huge leaps since our company was founded, making our living standards and environment much more pleasant and convenient. In particular, the development of the Internet and IT terminals has drastically accelerated the speed of information communications, which has brought major changes to peoples’ lifestyles. In addition, media such as magazines and books, which were once thought to be unchangeable, are also undergoing changes.

The publishing industry has been experiencing a long-term downward trend in sales after they reached a peak in 1996. At present, it appears that this trend will continue also involving a shrinking of the number of bookstores. Under these circumstances, the role that Ohmsha should play remains unchanged. That is to deliver knowledge, know-how and research results from researchers and engineers promptly, clearly and accurately to readers who require such information. To do this, we believe we need to create better products and establish close collaboration and greater coordination with bookstores that truly support the publishing industry.

Ohmsha is determined to continue to strive to create books that every reader will find truly instructive and helpful. Moreover, our business efforts will be focused on delivering our books to readers promptly as required
Your continued patronage is greatly appreciated.


June 2, 2014

Kazuo Murakami
Ohmsha, Ltd.

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