Overseas Activities

Today, global cooperation plays a critical role in publication of every kind; that is to say, internationalization has become a must for publishers worldwide.

Ohmsha has been cooperating with foreign fellow publishers for over forty years in publishing books in Japanese and in English languages. Among the publishers in Europe, North America and Asia whom Ohmsha closely works with, IOS Press in the Netherlands has a special co-publication/distribution arrangement for English books with Ohmsha, and two companies are currently working on joint venture projects in Germany and China. Also in Asia, Ohmsha is developing partnerships with Science Press in China and Chom Dan (Sun An Dang Publishing Co.) in Korea.

Another co-publication activity worth mentioning here is the English translation of our Manga Guide Series that we started in 2009 with a US publisher, No Starch Press. The unique and unprecedented concept of Edumanga (combining education and Manga together) has been attracting glowing interest from worldwide readers and publishers.

Keeping cooperative relationships that we enjoy with authors, printers, distributors and related vendors, Ohmsha continues to expand its foreign business so as to further contribute to the global development of publication.

Ohmsha has been successively participating in the largest international book fair, Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF) since 1979.

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